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Principles of Sustainable Design
in Packaging

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Minimize material use

By minimizing the amount of material used in your packaging, you’re directly reducing waste and conserving resources. And also Potentially lower material costs and lighter packages, reducing shipping costs.

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Design for Durability and Longevity

Create packaging that lasts. By designing for durability and longevity, your packages can serve multiple purposes and live on for extended use and also adds value to the product for the consumer as it can be reused.

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Design for Multi-Functionality

Make the most out of your packaging by designing it for multiple uses. Creates a unique unboxing experience and adds value for customers. Offers potential for creative and innovative packaging designs.

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Design for End-of-Life

Plan for the end right at the beginning. Design your packaging to be recyclable, compostable, or otherwise easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way. Reinforces your brand image of environmental responsibility .

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Use of Life Cycle Assessment

Get the full picture by using a life cycle assessment (LCA) to evaluate the environmental impact of your packaging throughout its life. Demonstrates your brand’s commitment to transparency and sustainability.

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Choose Eco Friendly Materials

Select materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, or made from renewable resources. Your choice can make a big difference to the environment. Differentiates your brand in a crowded marketplace

from design to produce

We use CAD Tools 3D printing Digital simulation tools  Sustainability Through  technology in package design process

From computer-aided design tools that enable precision to 3D printing that accelerates prototyping, advanced technologies are here to elevate your packaging. Incorporate smart features for enhanced consumer interaction and employ digital simulation for thorough testing. Embrace these tech innovations to stand out in the market, deliver an unrivaled user experience, and showcase your commitment to sustainability

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Empower Your Designs with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Tools

With CAD tools, you can bring your packaging ideas to life with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. From intricate shapes to precise measurements, these software programs provide you with the ability to visualize, modify, and optimize your packaging designs before they’re physically produced.

Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing

Your time is precious and 3D printing helps you save it. By quickly creating physical prototypes, you can assess and adjust your designs faster than ever. This allows you to evaluate the look, feel, and function of your packaging design and make necessary adjustments in a snap.

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Elevate Product Interaction with Smart Packaging

Incorporating technologies like RFID tags or QR codes into your packaging takes your consumer engagement to the next level. These smart features can provide product information, authenticate products, or even link consumers to immersive digital experiences, enhancing the connection between your brand and your customers.

Augmented Reality (AR) - Your Packaging Comes Alive

Bring an interactive edge to your packaging with AR. When consumers scan your packaging with their smartphones, they can access additional content, virtual demonstrations, or interactive experiences. This not only boosts your customer engagement but also sets your brand apart in the market.

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Precision Testing with Digital Simulation Tools

Say goodbye to uncertainties with advanced simulation tools. By digitally testing the durability, safety, and functionality of your packaging designs under various conditions, you ensure your product’s package is well-equipped to handle real-world scenarios.

Sustainability Through Technology

By utilizing advanced technologies, you can make your packaging more sustainable. Innovative techniques allow for the reduction of material waste, efficient use of resources, and even the creation of packaging from bio-degradable or recyclable materials, ensuring your commitment to the environment is clearly reflected in your product packaging.

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Our process of Structural Design

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Understanding Your Brand and Product

Gathering information about your brand, its values, target audience, and product. Identifying key brand elements that should be reflected in the packaging design.

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Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Studying existing market trends and the packaging design of competing brands. Understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and expectations.

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Conceptualization and Sketching Initial Designs

Brainstorming ideas and creating initial sketches or mood boards. Developing concepts that align with the brand, product, and research insights.

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Refinement of Designs Using Software Tools

Using graphic design software to refine sketches into detailed design concepts. Making design choices regarding color, typography, imagery, and other design elements.

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Presentation to Client and Gathering Feedback

Presenting the design concepts to clients. Gathering feedback and understanding the changes required.

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Revisions and Design Finalization

Making changes based on the feedback. Finalizing the design and preparing it for production.

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Prototype Creation and Testing

Creating a physical or digital prototype of the packaging with the final design. Testing the prototype under real-world conditions and possibly with target end-users.

Final Adjustments and Production

Making any final adjustments based on prototype testing. Offer final sample for approval. Preparing and handing over the final design for large-scale production.

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